Policy documents

This page presents a few key policy resources, selected by Dimes, that can be consulted for information on national strategies and policies and best practices and products in financial education and incisive finance.

Children and the Financial Regulatory Landscape Latin America

Author: Central Bank of Colombia - Nohora Ramirez, Floor Knoote and Sofia Ortega Tineo

This document presents and analyses the findings of a survey gathering information on financial inclusion policies and financial and consumer protection regulation targeted towards children and youth in Latin America. Results suggest that there is a great diversity in approaches to financial service regulation the lower age segments in the region and young people are rarely seen as independent economic actors.

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Regulatory Environments for Youth Savings in the Developing World

Author: New America - Scarett Alldebot-Green and Aleta Sprague

New America’s Policy brief tackles two primary barriers to youth financial inclusion, particularly through savings accounts at FIs: identity and control. In it, a series of recommendations to policy makers and other stakeholders about ways to create regulatory environments that are more likely to foster and support the development and uptake of savings accounts at FIs for youth in the developing world.

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More Inclusive Finance for Youth: Scalable and Sustainable Delivery Models for Financial and Non-Financial Services

Author: E-MFP Youth Financial Inclusion Action Group

The objective of this publication is to provide guidance to Financial Services Providers, donors and government authorities that want to advance youth financial inclusion by analyzing and compiling what is known to date on scaling up financial products and policies and assessing the potential for long-term sustainability.

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Advancing National Strategies for Financial Education

Author: Russia's G20 Presidency and the OECD (Joint publication)

G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors called for the OECD, under the aegis of the Russia’s G20 presidency, to prepare a progress report on the development of national strategies of Financial Education. The resulting joint publication monitors progress by the governments of the world’s major economies in their implementation.

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National Financial Inclusion Strategies Current State of Practice

Author: Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI)

Considerate steps have been taken towards the implementation of National financial inclusion strategies (NFIS) in recent years and are becoming an increasingly common policy approach of many member institutions in the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI). This paper covers NFIS practice in relation to formulation and implementation and provides an overview of the practices different countries have adopted.

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