Dimes Consultancy is a collective of consultants working at the intersection of human rights, business, and finance. We work for and with communities, those that represent them, and the sector policies and organizations that affect them. For Dimes, responsible business practices and smart policies can prevent potential harms, ensure accountability, and deliver lasting value. We therefore focus on prevention of and accountability for human rights violations (“do no harm”) as well as on economic and social contributions to sustainable development (“do good”). Dimes has dedicated particular attention to facilitating change at policy level and within value chains – such as in the extractive-, financial-, food- and garment sectors. In our work we put an emphasis on groups that are prone to be excluded or at risk, such as women, youth, migrants, human rights defenders, and the rural and urban poor.

Our expertise

Our main expertise lies in the following areas:

Accountability for human rights violations and a thriving civic space
Responsible and inclusive finance
Socio-economic empowerment and inclusion of vulnerable groups
Women’s rights and gender justice

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