Dimes brings 10 years of experience in the development, monitoring and evaluation of international development and human rights issues to the table. Through our detailed research and strategic advise, we help clients build their programs and policies on solid evidence and data.

We specialise in monitoring and documentation, research coordination, strategy development and stakeholder management, across a range of human rights issues. A strength of Dimes lies in the ability to synthesise large pools of data into accessible sources and language for a variety of stakeholders. We work and partner with national authorities, civil society organisations, the private sector and financial service providers, multi-lateral institutions, academia, and most importantly, the populations we aim to reach.

Unique Strengths of Dimes

    We bring extensive knowledge of the intersection between human rights, business and finance to the table, including inclusive finance and corporate social responsibility. We complement this with a solid understanding of development economics and of accountability mechanisms for international crimes.

    Having worked with partners in policy-making, practice, research and product development, Dimes brings a unique inter-professional insight that approaches issues from all angles. Having brought together individuals from the fields of human rights, social science, women studies, finance, and youth development, Dimes creates new thinking by crossing boundaries and facilitating communication between them.

    Global Perspective on Local Issues
    Having worked in international policy making as well as on local initiatives, Dimes brings experience and expertise from both the global and the national perspective.

    We are an open and transparent team, committed to listen to our partners’ and clients’ needs. We believe in learning alongside our clients. By sharing knowledge on opportunities as well as on sector challenges, we continue to grow, learn and deepen our own as well as their expertise.

    We believe in the imperative need of bringing policies to life. We aim to establish our clients’ ownership of projects so to co-create all concepts and products in collaboration. We guarantee that our partners and stakeholders are equipped with the appropriate tools to formulate as well as implement their ideas.

    Working with Dimes you partner with

    • A team that has managed multiple innovative strategy and evaluation projects at a global and local level.
    • A team that brings expertise across the public and private sector and has a track record of designing and launching projects of different size, scale and complexity.
    • A team with a solid international network of experts on social and economic justice and a set of vast connections with national authorities working in these areas.
    • A team that is experienced in providing trainings and multi stakeholder workshops on economic empowerment and financial inclusion
    • A team that has a solid knowledge of better practices in social and economic inclusion policies as well as on human rights compliance