This page presents an overview of Dimes’ recent work and ongoing projects in the fields of Policy Innovation, Research and Strategic Evaluation, and Event Management.

Policy Innovation
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Research and Strategic Evaluation
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Event Management
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Dimes coordinates a multi-stakeholder working group on economic empowerment in the Caribbean region, involving national regulatory and financial authorities. It works to enhance economic empowerment of youth, through the lifting of barriers to financial inclusion and entrepreneurship and by strengthening measurable youth targets within economic empowerment policies
This Handbook for Financial Literacy, initiated by research staff of Frankfurt University, presents in-depth research conducted on a myriad of issues within the field of financial literacy. Dimes contributed with a chapter analysing national strategies in financial education. Please see more here

Dimes organises the Entrepreneurship Dialogues, innovative educational and inspirational events in which young people and well known entrepreneurs get the opportunity to engage in discussion with the aim of sparking entrepreneurship. This video summarizes one of these events from 2015, held in Amsterdam. Please see more here