Meet the team

Dimes Consultancy was founded in 2015 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, by Floor Elize Knoote and Sofia Ortega Tineo. Dimes started its work based on Sofia’s and Floor’s mutual commitment towards change in the global financial system, so that it is more transparent, more inclusive and supports economic, social and environmental sustainability. From there onwards, the Team broadened their work and network towards human rights and business as well as international justice projects. The Dimes Team believes that – in order to impact the rights of people at the base of the pyramid – policies must be grounded on a clear understanding of the realities of local communities’ experiences. Evidence based programming and policymaking is therefore a key focus of their work.

Sofia and Floor, Founders of Dimes Consultancy/Copyright: Eva Knipscheer

Floor Elize Knoote

Floor is a human rights researcher with over 10 years of experience in the monitoring and evaluation of human rights programs and policies. Academically, Floor was trained to investigate international crimes from a legal and criminological perspective, combining research methodologies from both disciplines. Practically, she was trained as a human rights field researcher, having managed multiple complex studies in (the Horn of) Africa, Asia and the Middle East for clients such as the World Bank and Solidaridad. Through her work Floor has built expertise within the themes of gender justice; accountability mechanisms for international crimes; and corporate accountability in the garment, extractives and financial sectors. She has dedicated particular attention to violence against unionists and HRD’s and to the rights of women (e.g. GBV) and children. Floor has demonstrated knowledge of research methodology for development assistance and human rights projects including with the coordination of research projects within complex and sensitive settings. Alongside her research, Floor has worked hand in hand with governments, regulators, and financial institutions on the implementation of “responsible finance” and financial inclusion policies (with e.g. the Bank of Tanzania and the Bank of Colombia), so she brings a pragmatic and multi-stakeholder perspective to the table. Floor holds a BSc. in Forensic Youth Psychology, an M.A. in International Relations & Human Rights and a MSc. in International Crimes and Criminology.

Sofia Ortega Tineo

Sofia is a development practioner, who’s work has been focused on creating better relationships between people and the financial systems they live in. She has extensive experience in the coordination of national and regional initiatives. Possesses an extensive background in working in policy and programs from the stakeholder management perspective. Sofia has advised governments, international organizations, and financial institutions on financial inclusion, education, and economic empowerment policies. She has worked hand in hand with financial regulatory authorities, diverse ministries, and financial institutions in building innovative policies to increase financial access and improve levels of financial capability across Latin America and the Caribbean. More recently she has been involved in the development of knowledge management and stakeholder engagement strategies in the sustainable banking arena. Sofia holds a degree in International Studies (B.A) from Universidad Central de Venezuela, and post-graduate degrees in Tourism and Sustainable Development (M.A.) and International Development Studies (M.Sc.) from the Center for Development Studies of Universidad Central de Venezuela (CENDES-UCV) and the University of Amsterdam respectively.

Karina Avakyan

Karina joined the Dimes Team in January of 2018. She is a development practitioner with experience in the innovative finance, social and financial inclusion, and financial capability fields. Her expertise lies in building, managing and coordinating multi-stakeholder networks of policy makers, financial system regulators, ministries, financial institutions, civil society and multilateral organisations, as well as capacity building, training, peer learning and working group facilitation. She was also a lead trainer on youth product development and national financial education and financial inclusion strategies in more than 10 countries. She has served in programme manager and senior policy advisor roles with the regional focus in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa regions at Child & Youth Finance International and NGO Worldgranny and Pension & Development Network. Previously she was also involved in campaign management, marketing and partnerships of a leading African online fundraising and crowdfunding platform. She holds a BSc in Economics and MSc in Business Studies and International Development from National Research University-Higher School of Economics and University of Amsterdam respectively, and is a Certified Expert in Financial Inclusion Policy from Frankfurt School of Finance & Alliance for Financial Inclusion.